What Would You Do if There Was Only Abundance?

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Turmoil at first light

Morning angst

Dread, worry, uncertainty

Every possible calamity for 

Every attempted endeavor 

What if they leave?

What if it fails?

What if I lose?

Let them leave

Let it burn

Let it go 

Fears, eased and calmed

New possibilities created 

Hope awakened

Boldness from the Unseen

Endless solutions

For the one 

Who believes

There’s only abundance

There are seasons in my life when I wake up afraid, anxious, and fearful of what “could” happen that day. Everything is going right, and yet, I’m scared that it’s all about to fall apart. 

Completely unfounded, but it feels real, nonetheless. 

I wrote this poem a few months ago when I was feeling particularly fearful one morning. The anxiety in my stomach was almost debilitating. 

Then, this question was whispered to my soul:

“How would you feel/What would you do, if there was only abundance?”

I’ve used this question countless times since, and it has changed everything about how I view problems now—both real and imagined.

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