Don’t Trade Your Time for Money. Trade it for…

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“Why on earth would you trade your time for money?”

A business owner/real estate investor friend of mine asked me this recently. It hit me hard. I pondered it for a moment, questioned my life choices, and then shook it off and went back to 12 hour work days. I like what I do. 

Then, recently, I was driving, and I heard this in my head:

You aren’t trading your time for money. You’re trading your time for legacy. 

Are you a martial arts instructor? Are you a business owner with a mission to change the world? Are you a full time parent, pouring into your kids? Are you a teacher? Do you serve people with your time?

Whatever you are, in whatever job or profession you’ve chosen, I have a message for you:

You are trading your time for legacy. ❤️

You are impacting those around you. Your kindness and encouragement will be felt decades from now. Your hard work is meaningful, it matters, and you are leaving your fingerprint on this world before your transition day. 

When you feel tired, when you feel hopeless, when you want to snap and bark, when you feel like the work and labor you do is monotonous and unimportant, hear me:

You are trading your time for legacy. You are making a difference. Your work matters. Keep doing good things. 

Yes, of course…Save/earn/invest and let your passive income pay for your lifestyle. 

And then get back to work, and touch and inspire others around you, giving your gift and living your soul’s purpose.

Keep trading time for legacy. ❤️

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