The Best Analogy I’ve Ever Heard for Achievement

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There’s a secret you should know.

Buried in that spot—right there—is your treasure.

How do I know? I just know.

It’s there, and it exists, and it’s waiting for you.

And to get to your buried treasure, all you have to do is dig.

And keep digging. And do the work. And figure it out. And not quit.

It’s inevitable. You can’t miss. You can’t fail. It’s there. But you have to do the work to get there.

Now, I don’t know how strong you are, and it might take you longer than someone else. Just keep digging.

You may not have as much experience, and may not be a good digger at first. You might even suck at digging. Just dig. You’ll improve.

I also don’t know how many breaks you’ll need to take, so you might get delayed in finding your treasure. Digging is tough. Get back out there and dig.

You may start digging and realize along the way that you’re using the wrong tool! Maybe you grabbed a spoon instead of a shovel. You found a better way. Congratulate yourself for learning, and go get the right tool. And get back to digging.

You may get completely off course and miss the treasure, and you might have to start all over. Don’t despair. Don’t judge yourself. It’s your journey. Your treasure. Go dig again.

I also don’t know how you communicate with yourself, so doubt might creep in. Fear and worry that you’ll never reach it, the thought of “what will other people think“ sets in, and you may allow yourself to get discouraged and want to quit. Keep digging.

You may get distracted and decide that it’s somewhere else and start digging in another place. Keep digging right there.

You may get tired of the boredom and monotony of doing the same thing, day after day as you pursue your dream. You may think, “SURELY I need to do something else more fun and sexy than just THIS!!” Nope. Dig.

Someone might tell you it was a mistake to believe that there was EVER a treasure there in the first place, and convince you to stop because they “know” it’s not there. Believe in your dream. And dig. 

After a certain amount of time that you deem as “too long”, you may convince yourself that you never really wanted that treasure in the first place, and want to quit. Cut it out. Grab your shovel. And dig.

You have to believe. And keep digging. And have the unwavering faith in yourself that the dream, the goal, the thing you want to achieve is within reach. That it already exists, that you have created it in your mind, and it’s just waiting to be uncovered.

The treasure is buried right there—you’re going to find it.

Go dig.

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