The First You Or The Second Who?

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We’d all like to think that we are making a difference. Most of us want to feel special; unique.

One of the six human needs is significance. So, for those of us who rate it at the top of our needs, it’s easy to try and emulate others who are successful. We want to be like them.

Michael Phelps said he never wanted to become the second Mark Spitz. He wanted to become the first Michael Phelps.

Preach, brother. I don’t know who Mark Slitz is, but  I completely understand the sentiment.

Who the hell wants to be the next Tony Robbins, the next Gary V; the next fill in the blank of the latest and greatest superstar influencer?

I have friends that post on social media in ways that just seems gross. It feels…icky. It feels forced, pretentious, and it’s like they don’t know who they are, so they copy and emulate everything they do, down to the body language and speech patterns.

No. Be you. Be 100% you. Totally real, and completely authentic. That’s what makes us like the influencers, isn’t it? They’re real. They’re genuine. And we totally dig it.

No. F that- I can learn from all of them, but I want to be the first Don Alley. To do something that no one has done before. I want to create and I want to become. My “journey of transformation”… I want it to be incredible. I am an artist, and I don’t want to copy anyone’s art.

And you? Will you be the first you, or the second [your hero]? Embrace the awesomeness that’s you, and be brave. Be exactly who you are supposed to be, and people around you will appreciate you that much more, and you will feel better about who you are.

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