Where Will You Put YOUR Acorn?

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I grabbed some string and tied it around its base, then hung my acorn from my rearview mirror, and now I see it every day. Booyah.

Wait, what? An actual acorn?

Yep! It swings and dangles as I drive, and every time I’m in my Jeep, it serves as a constant reminder. 

Of what? Isn’t that a little… weird?

Nope. It’s brilliant. 

Inside of that acorn lies the POTENTIAL for a giant oak tree, which could produce thousands of more acorns like it, which in turn could produce more giant oak trees. An ENORMOUS possibility—one small seed.

However, left hanging on my rearview, or sitting on your desk, or tucked away in your pocket (or wherever you decide to put yours), it will never be anything more than just that. An acorn.

Lifeless. No impact. Wasted. 

It won’t provide food for a squirrel, it will never grow into what it was meant to be, and it will stay—forever—in a place of POSSIBILITY. 

Get it?

The brilliant idea stuck inside your head, but no firepower to pull the trigger and take action—ACORN. 

Your life-altering goals, left on paper, talked about endlessly, touted as action, but remaining as just a hope—ACORN. 

Your dreams, hopes, and ambitions, all forfeited because of fear, ridicule, and the possibility/probability of failure—ACORN. 

Our ideas have the POTENTIAL to be great. They could change the world, they could change the community around you, or simply change YOU for the better. And yet sometimes—maybe more times than we’d like to admit—they remain dormant. 

My encouragement to you: find an acorn, and put it in a place where you see it every single day. And let it serve as the reminder that every dream, every goal, every hope, and every wish—COULD BE yours. 

But you have to take action. 

Otherwise… you’re just sitting on an acorn.  

Take action. 

Do great things. 

We live once.

9 Comments on “Where Will You Put YOUR Acorn?”

  1. It’s the best you have been this far…may you continue to show us much more
    Thanks this helped.

    A grandma at Lil over half a century I was unable to decide to take 4 hours out of 24; thinking it will be injustice to my loved ones whom I ensure care and nurturing….
    But the Acorn story made me revive from it’s slumber and take a deep breath with a strong resolve to do a little bit for myself.
    I have decided to dedicate daily 4 hours to myself….
    Wish to work towards empowerment of homemakers in my community…by way of guidance in spoken English, skilling and general exchange of ideas.
    Thanks a ton for helping me break the ice and start taking action rather than be a souvenir family member :).
    Thanks Again Dear Don Alley.
    Best Wishes for a Happy 2020!

  2. This is brilliant!! Can you please make it shareable? I’d love to post it. And btw… I just walked outside and grabbed my acorn 💛 Thanks

    1. So glad to hear you found an acorn of your own! The one in the blog is the one hanging in my car 🤗

      Making it shareable soon! Didn’t realize it wasn’t 🤦🏻‍♂️

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