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I didn’t sit down on Christmas Eve to write a children’s book. I sat down because I felt as though something wanted to be written. So I listened. 

I pulled out my pen and journal and within an hour, I had 5 stanzas of Sammy Breaks a Board. 

The next day, another few lines. Then another few. Days would pass. I waited for more of the story, and when it hit me, I wrote. 

Some lines were easy. Some were difficult… until I asked for help. I remember being stuck on a five syllable phrase for an hour. I couldn’t figure out how to close it in meter and in rhyme. I was going to be late for work, so I closed my journal and left my house, frustrated. When I got in my Jeep, I paused and shouted, “Universe, what is that line?” It came within 10 seconds. Beautiful, easy, painless, and perfect. I cried on the way to work that day. 

My favorite part of the writing process was the last half of the book—I wrote it in 6 hours, nonstop. I assumed the whole story would be about 36 stanzas, and I had been stuck at halfway for 2 weeks.

That morning, I sat down for my daily meditation, and immediately had lines hitting my head. I could hear them. I could see them. I knew the direction and I knew how to get to the end. I jumped up and started writing. That was 8:30am. 

By 2:30pm, the story was finished. 

I still feel overwhelmed with gratitude that this little girl found me—that the idea was entrusted to me. It feels big. It feels special. It feels like she wanted to come to the world to inspire kids and adults, and chose me to deliver her story. 

I’m excited. 

“Sammy Breaks a Board” is coming soon ❤️

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