How to Make 2020 Your BEST Year! 4 Ways to Invest in Your Future

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I thought my ears might start bleeding. I immediately cringed. Such a dangerous statement and belief—acted upon—will wreak havoc in your financial life. 

What did he say that was so terrible? 

“Man, business wise, 2020 is gonna practically be a wash.”

I mean, I get it. My companies are all but shut down, too. We can still do some business, but for sure, it’s not the same. Not by a long shot. 

The problem with beliefs is that we tend to act on them. Believe that this year is going to be a wash, and you rest on your laurels, make excuses, and fulfill that prophecy. 

Want a better belief? How about, 2020 is my year to plant. Plant seeds. Invest in your future. I don’t know about you, but I plan on doing business for the next 60 years. One year, compared to 60? It’s just a blip. 

What kind of actions would you take if THAT was what you were telling yourself? 

Think about farming. You want to eat corn, so you plant the seed. Does it grow overnight? Nope. It takes time. But eventually, you are rewarded for your actions from months before. 

In 5-10 years, what seeds will you be able to say you planted this year?

Here are 4 ideas for you:

➡️ The stock market is on sale. Do you have extra money to put away, money that’s been on the side that you could invest? Go plant some seeds. 

➡️ Real estate deals are still out there. There are pockets in the market for those who know how to invest. Time to plant, baby. 

➡️ New business ideas and opportunities. What could you create RIGHT NOW that will serve the market and generate income for you in the future? Go plant. 

➡️ Invest in yourself. Don’t have the resources to invest? Invest in YOU. Read. Study. Sharpen your saw. Develop some new skills. Make yourself more marketable. To earn more money, serve more people. Every book you read and course you take, you’re planting the seeds of wealth and abundance. 

Please hear my heart: I’m not trying to underscore the humanity side of what’s happening in our world right now. People are sick. People are dying. People are afraid. The political climate is as divided as ever. Please don’t think I’m insensitive and ignorant of that. 

Strictly from a financial point of view, we have a decision to make. 

Is 2020 going to be a wash?

Or is it going to be the best year ever?

Could this be the year you change your future?

Now imagine: what if we took the view that EVERY year was the year to plant? 

What if we were ALWAYS thinking 5-10 years ahead, and making sure that actions we were taking right now would serve us in the future? 

What would you do? What rituals would you put into place? What would you start working on? How different could your life be?

Can you picture it? 

Me too 🤗 Let’s go plant some seeds!

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