The Destination Lasts a Second, But the Journey…

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Ramblings from my journal this morning.

Stay focused on the goal. What’s the goal? More businesses? More companies? No…The JOURNEY is the goal. Not the destination.

There is no, “Once you accomplish X, then you will have arrived,” or, “once you have accumulated X, I will stop.” Once you have accomplished ____ then you will slow down and just relax.”

No. There is no stopping. Ever. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s the beauty of doing exactly what you want. You love this. You love to work and create and think and strategize. Yes, there are goals that you have that are milestones, that let you know that you are on track. But as soon as you hit one, you jump back up and set a new one. So obviously, it isn’t the destination, but the journey.

The destination lasts a second and then is gone. It’s fleeting. And often times it’s a let down. “Is this what I wanted?” But the journey… You become great on the journey. You become a new person from the journey. New insights. New friends. New connections. New ideas. More perspective. Not when you arrive. You get your metaphorical “hit” when you arrive, but you become a new man from the journey.

Who are you becoming on the way to building your company? On the way to growing your business? On your way to accomplishing whatever it is that you have deemed worthy of your time and effort? Are you becoming a more loving person? A more caring person? Does having more make you want to give more? Are you excited more about the relationships you get to create, or the dollars in the bank?

At the end of your life, very few people will know how much money we have, or how much you have created. But everyone in your wake will remember how you treated them, and how you made them feel. It always saddens me to think about Robin Williams, and how he took his life. But I remember in the days and weeks after he died, SO many people told story after story about how genuine he was as a human being. How he touched people. How he truly cared. How he went out of his way to bring joy and goodness with him to each person he came into contact with. He wasn’t focused on the destination. He was focused on the journey.
The magic is in the journey.

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