Community and Rituals. This Quarter, I’ll Focus On These Three Things.

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New Years, it’s my favorite holiday! So much NEWNESS! New month, new year, and this time…new DECADE!!! Welcome to the new 20’s!

Interestingly for me, on the first day of the year, I woke up with an accidental mantra in my mind. From the moment I woke up, curled up in my covers, I was repeating two words: Community. And rituals. 

Community. I have to imagine that at the end of our lives, very few people will know what’s in our bank accounts. And those who know won’t care. What I’m guessing we WILL care about is, Do the people I want to love me, actually love me? And, did I do something meaningful with my life to impact others and add value to their lives?

This year, I want to build a stronger sense of community within our companies. More connections. More magic moments. More love. More friendships. All the things that make life amazing and rich and joyful—these are the things I want to encourage. Isn’t this what we talk about anyways? Aren’t these the stories that are the most fun to tell? 

Rituals. Rarely do people earn themselves into wealth. Most don’t earn enough each year to be called “rich”, though those same people can amass a HUGE fortune over the course of a lifetime by adhering to little RITUALS early on, saving their money, investing, and using compound interest to serve them. 

This one habit alone (saving/investing) is a small ritual, that when done repeatedly, reaps huge rewards. 

So the question for me and you: What are the OTHER  rituals I need to put in place to help me achieve massive goals? Or just a more healthy life? Healthy physically? Healthy mentally? What rituals do my team need to have in place? What small habit, when performed over and over, will yield me a result that would have never been able to do on my own in one fell swoop?

Quarter. You thought the title had a typo with its THREE things, didn’t you? 

This year, for the first time ever in my life, I have no yearly goals. Only a “rock”. A 90-day goal—12 weeks to achieve great things.

When you set yearly goals, it’s easy to push off the action until later because, after all, you have months left to do it. 

But 12 weeks? That’s right around the corner. Chop chop, Alley. Get to work. A quarter is imminent. It will be here before you know it, and if you don’t review the goals every day, you’ll never hit them. 

Community. Rituals. Rocks. These are my words right now that are giving me meaning and direction as I pursue life. Are there any words for you that you feel will define your year this year? 

Wishing you the happiest of new years, and an amazing new decade!

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