5 Powerful Discoveries from Reading a Book Every Day

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Even now, I can hear my instructor berating us in staff meetings:  “What are you reading? Readers are leaders! Do you want to influence your students? Make sure you’re feeding yourself!”

And he is absolutely right. You may not be able to pay the $5000 or $10,000 to go to the seminar that the author conducts, but she probably wrote a book, and you can get her decade’s worth of knowledge for a measly $19.95.

Plus, I can look at my bookshelf right now and tell you how different books changed my life. Little nuggets I learned, breakthroughs I had, mindset changes that were made, just because I read the book.

So below are 5 reasons I think EACH of us needs to have a book that we are going through, learning and growing from. Enjoy!

New Vocabulary. I recently read “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute” by Joe Vitale, and it’s the entrepreneurial lessons he learned from PT Barnum’s life. In it, the author regularly encourages you to “Barnumize” your marketing… more grandiose, attention-grabbing, etc. And now, I regularly ask myself, “How can I Barnumize this project? This ad? This promotion?”

New Questions. In one of Tim Ferris’ books, he shared this powerful question that HE learned from reading someone else: “What goal do I have that will take me 5 years to achieve? Now, how can I accomplish it in 6 months?” What a great question!! It gets you thinking in the right way, a BIG way, blasting through presumptions of how long achieving a dream should take. We are limited only by our imaginations and our drive. And when you ask the right questions, you get amazing answers!

New Concepts. I read a book called “Marketing Secrets Blackbook” by Russell Brunson, and the author explained a concept he learned from Tony Robbins: “Decade in a Day”. The idea? Don’t be afraid of paying someone big money to learn in a day or weekend or seminar a skill set they teach, that took them a decade to learn. It might cost you in the short term, but saves you TEN YEARS of the learning curve!

New tactics from the book. Every book has nuggets. Every book has little tricks and ideas that can help you improve, little hacks you can use, that you read straight from the pages. Read them. Learn them. TAKE ACTION!

New tactics from the universe. This is my favorite. Any time I read, I keep my journal handy. And when I come across quotes, new ideas, anything from above, I write them down. But inevitably, I get inspired or have an idea that DOESN’T come from the book. I get an idea, a concept… something magical— and it has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m reading. It’s like reading the book has opened my subconscious to hear from the universe, and it dropped in the nugget. THIS is the biggest reason I love to read and read daily. Reading puts me in a state where I’m ready to learn, and the universe makes a knowledge deposit into its student.

So, what concepts have YOU learned from a book?

What mindset shifts have you made?

What tactics have you learned and taken action from?

When I think about those questions, I could list answer after answer. And when I think about times that I’m out of the habit of reading consistently, it makes me want to kick myself.

All of those ideas I’m leaving on the table. All those nuggets waiting to be discovered. Give yourself the gift of reading, daily. Set a goal. A book per week? Per month? Doesn’t matter. Just read, write down what you learned, and then teach somebody what you learned. You will remember it, and it will become part of you.

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