17 Questions to Help You Grow as a Human, an Achiever, and Entrepreneur

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Every morning, I like to sit and think as part of my routine. And without the aid of specific questions, my mind races along with the gottagottagotta stuff.

Below is a list of questions that I have compiled over the years that serve me well, and always give me new answers as I grow my companies, and also grow as a human being. Tony Robbins says the quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself on a daily basis.”

So ask bad questions—“Why does this always happen to me? How could you be so stupid?”—you get the answers… that don’t serve you. Ask good questions—“What can I learn from this? How does this serve me?—get answers that empower you. 

Ask GREAT questions—(see below)— and get answers that could change your life. 

Hopefully, this list will inspire you, and give you ideas on how to ask better questions in your own life, so you get the answers you need in order to serve, love, and give of yourself completely. 

1. How can I add more value? This has become one of my go-to questions. I want to over-deliver to such a degree that we create life long fans and clients because they know how well they’ll be served. And I usually try and be specific to each company, each team, and even each relationship. How can I add more value to my Super Kicks members? How can I add more value to the Center Stage team? How can I add more value to Judah (my son).

2. How can I stay young, fit, and healthy so that I can extend my life indefinitely? Yes, I want to live a long time, and rather than hope that will be the case, I am constantly asking myself what I can do to live more healthily. 

3. Who do I have to become in order to achieve my financial goals? I have big numbers I am striving for, and I realize that what got me here won’t get me there. I have to BECOME…I have to grow. 

4. What skills do I need in order to hit my professional goals? And my team, what skills do they need? Am I learning new things? Growing? Reading? Where is the area that “I don’t know what I don’t know”?

5. What rituals need to be in place that would make my life easier, and help me accomplish more? Aahhh rituals. Rituals are the key. Implement more of them in our lives, and we automate good things and create more brain space and time in our weekly schedule to add more. Discipline equals freedom. 

6. Who else needs to be on my team? There’s no way to hit my goals without more people. Good people. The right people, in the right seat on the bus. 

7. What is the next asset I want to buy? Remember Rich Dad, Poor Dad? One of the biggest takeaways for me was the idea of simply buying more assets. How do I find the next good deal? Business, real estate, etc. To earn more wealth, you have to buy or create more income-producing assets. 

8. Am I doing the right thing, or just doing things right? Another way to ask this is, Am I mistaking movement for achievement? It’s easy to do things right. I can put inventory away correctly, spend hours organizing shelves, and make phone calls to vendors. But is that the right thing for me? Can someone else do what I’m doing, to free up my time for doing only that which I can do? 

9. Can I delegate what I’m doing to someone better equipped on my team? I love the line, “only do what only you can do”. Everything else should be delegated to a team member, so I can focus on the things that TRULY only I can do. 

10. What is the most important question I can ask myself right now? I love this question. We get answers to the questions we ask ourselves, so when I can’t think of the best question to ask, or want to come up with a new question, this is my go-to. And often, a question forms in my mind that serves me.

11. How can I…? This is one of my favorites. Fill in the blank. Look at your goals, the things you want to accomplish, and just put “How can I” in front of them, and it immediately turns it into a question that will start giving you answers, and usually the MINS— the Most Important Next Step. 

12. What do you do really well, inconsistently? Have you ever done something in your business, whether it be a promotion, a special, something amazing, and it worked like a charm? And then you forgot about it until 2 years later, and you kicked yourself for forgetting about it? Yeah, me too. And so now by asking this question, it forces you to look at those types of things, and basically ask, How can I put this great idea into a system? Can I add it to my monthly checklist, weekly checklist, quarterly checklist, etc., so that I do this good thing consistently? 

13. What do I need to be doing in order to move closer to my goals…the thing/s that I know are important—and I’m not doing them? This one is easy. Just ask your brain what isn’t happening, and it will come up with a looooong list. And then to get the things done quickly, make sure you delegate what others can do.  I like doing this at least once per week, usually before I try and start working on solutions to a new or bigger project. I want to make sure the things that are urgent are being taken care of before I go after macro ideas.

14. How do I Barnumize my business? My ads? My classes? My ____? I once read a book about the life of P.T. Barnum, and everything he did was extravagant. Bold. Audacious. His marketing was brilliant, just because he wasn’t afraid to put himself out there and fail. Another way to ask this question: How can I be as ridiculous as possible and make sure people know my name/company name?

15. What else can I do to reduce inflammation in my body? I want to live a long time, and I need plenty of energy to live my life and fulfill my mission. Inflammation is one of the things in our body that creates a myriad of problems and decay. So, I have quite a few rituals and supplements that are aimed at keeping my inflammation low. And by asking this question, I get to be proactive about how to add more rituals to my life to keep it that way. That way, I can rock out a 16 hour day and be happy and energetic throughout.

16. What would you do if you truly believed that your energy is your greatest asset? My friend Sam Wegert shared this quote with me once, and I’ve adopted it as a regular thought ever since. My energy is my greatest asset. And if that’s true, what would I do to take action on that belief? Would I exercise more consistently? Yes. Would I cut sugar from my diet? A resounding yes. Would I stop drinking alcohol? What would I eliminate, and what would I add to my daily routine to ensure that I had as much energy as humanly possible? Because after all, my energy is my greatest asset. 

17. What would be a meaningful way to give this month? “The secret to living is giving,” so how do I share my resources with others in a meaningful and positive way? In the past, I have committed funds to one person, one organization, for a year at a time. And starting this year, I want to be able to help more people and give to more causes. So this is a relatively new question to keep my subconscious open to opportunities to share.

So now, a few questions for YOU! 

➡️ Which question(s) speaks to you the most? 

➡️ Is there a way that you could implement daily thinking time to ponder a question of your own? 

➡️ If you could ask the most empowering question right now, one that would serve you, put you in a peak state, and/or help you stay focused on your purpose, what would it be? 

➡️ And where could you put that question and create a ritual so you remember to ask it of yourself every day? 😃

Drop some responses in the comments below! 👇👇

3 Comments on “17 Questions to Help You Grow as a Human, an Achiever, and Entrepreneur”

  1. Thanks Master Alley. All of these are great points. I remember reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad when I was dating Ken. We unexpectedly met him at an event in Phoenix and had so many questions. We were on a much different track with obtaining professional degrees in law and medicine than the one he promoted. He was encouraging and told us that we were doing what we needed to do in order to get where we wanted to be.

    I love how you emphasize setting goals and challenging ourselves. In the above blog, I love that you equivocated energy to your biggest asset. That is the truth for many of us. I am realizing that more than ever with caring for for young boys, working full time night shift in the ER, and keeping the house nice and husband happy. I have had to ask myself how I need to protect my time and sleep so that I have energy and health to continue each day with “a happy heart.” Some days I do that better than others. At your advice, I will start journaling so that I remember what things steal my energy and what things provide me energy so that I don’t settle for good, but strive for greatness. I have realized that sometimes that means saying no to myself and others which I am very bad at doing well.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been following your web site for a long
    time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out
    from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

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